Prosthetic moulds

Prosthetic moulds

"On Set Rescue"
A Prosthetic moulds series created by Lars Carlsson,

This is our series of prosthetic moulds designed to help you create quick prosthetics when you don't have time to create a new mould.
The moulds are made in urethane to be durable, light weight and easy to bring on set.
So when the director calls for something you didn't expect, you will have a quick and simple solution in 30 minutes!!

Making the moulds in urethane removes the risk of silicone bonding to silicone and there is no risk of the mould being damaged by being stored pressed against other things,

All the moulds in the current series have the outer measurements of 23 cm x 10.5 cm (9" x 4.1"). 
They are between 7-15 mm thick depending on the content of the mould.

They are suitable for Baldies encapsulated silicone, A+B silicone and for gelatine.
Since urethane moulds are not flexible, we do not recommend using them for Pros Aide Transfers (PTM).

Most sculpts have been kept as simple and anonymous as possible so that you will be able to re-use the same prosthetic many times in different projects without it being too obvious giving you more use per mould!


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