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NameOption NamePriceStock
Airbrush Splatter Nozzle kitN/A240.00-
Airbrush Splatter Nozzle kit, customN/A300.00-
Airbrush Splatter Nozzle Large , Free 3D DownloadN/A0.00-
Airbrush Splatter Nozzle Medium, Free 3D DownloadN/A0.00-
Airbrush Splatter Nozzle Small, Free 3D DownloadN/A0.00-
Airbrush Splatter Nozzle Universal fit Large, Free 3D DownloadN/A0.00-
Airbrush Splatter Nozzle Universal fit Medium,Free 3D DownloadN/A0.00-
Airbrush Splatter Nozzle Universal fit. Small.Free 3D DownloadN/A0.00-
Beard, Black, LongNo styling service1500.004
Beard, Black, LongStyling by Makeup-FX1750.004
Beard, Black, ShortNo styling service650.007
Beard, Black, ShortStyling by Makeup-FX900.007
Beard, Blond, LongNo styling service1500.0025
Beard, Blond, LongStyling by Makeup-FX1750.0025
Beard, Blond, ShortNo styling service650.0022
Beard, Blond, ShortStyling by Makeup-FX900.0022
Beard, Brown Grey, ShortNo styling service650.001
Beard, Brown Grey, ShortStyling by Makeup-FX900.001
Beard, Brown Grey, LongNo styling service1500.0014
Beard, Brown Grey, LongStyling by Makeup-FX1750.0014
Beard, Dark brown, LongNo styling service1500.0026
Beard, Dark brown, LongStyling by Makeup-FX1750.0026
Beard, Dark brown, ShortNo styling service650.001
Beard, Dark brown, ShortStyling by Makeup-FX900.001
Beard, Light grey, ShortNo styling service650.0015
Beard, Light grey, ShortStyling by Makeup-FX900.0015
Beard, Light grey, LongNo styling service1500.0016
Beard, Light grey, LongStyling by Makeup-FX1750.0016
Beard, Medium brown, LongNo styling service1500.0016
Beard, Medium brown, LongStyling by Makeup-FX1750.0016
Beard, Medium brown, ShortNo styling service650.004
Beard, Medium brown, ShortStyling by Makeup-FX900.004
Beard, Red beard LongNo styling service1500.006
Beard, Red beard, ShortNo styling service650.0010
Beard, Red beard, ShortStyling by Makeup-FX900.0010
Beard, White buffalo hair, LongNo styling service1500.0026
Beard, White buffalo hair, LongStyling by Makeup-FX1750.0026
Beard, White buffalo hair, ShortNo styling service650.0029
Beard, White buffalo hair, ShortStyling by Makeup-FX900.0029
Beard,White buffalo hair, Extra long and thickNo styling service2500.0010
Beard,White buffalo hair, Extra long and thickStyling by Makeup-FX2750.0010
Double glue holder for small cups or bottles. Free 3D downloadN/A0.00-
DVD Complete kit of 4N/A400.00-
DVD, Measure a headN/A150.00-
DVD, Portrait of a makeup artistN/A150.00-
DVD, Silicone prostheticsN/A150.00-
Eyebrows, BlackNo styling service375.000
Eyebrows, BlackStyling by Makeup-FX625.000
Eyebrows, BlondNo styling service375.0022
Eyebrows, BlondStyling by Makeup-FX625.0022
Eyebrows, Brown GreyNo styling service375.0012
Eyebrows, Dark brownNo styling service375.009
Eyebrows, Dark brownStyling by Makeup-FX625.009
Eyebrows, Light GreyNo styling service375.009
Eyebrows, Light GreyStyling by Makeup-FX625.009
Eyebrows, Medium brownNo styling service375.0014
Eyebrows, Medium brownStyling by Makeup-FX625.0014
Eyebrows, RedNo styling service375.007
Eyebrows, RedStyling by Makeup-FX625.007
Eyebrows, White buffalo hairN/A375.0020
Flocking blood 0.1 liter GelN/A150.00-
Flocking blood 0.5 liter liquidN/A250.00-
Flocking blood 1 liter liquidN/A450.00-
Flocking blood Mix 30 gramN/A90.00-
Flocking blood Mix 300 gramN/A600.00-
Flocking blood Mix 600 gramN/A1100.0020
Glue holder for 100 ml lab bottles. Free 3D downloadN/A0.00-
Glue holder for large bottles. Free 3D downloadN/A0.00-
Glue holder for small cups or bottles. Free 3D downloadN/A0.00-
Goatee beard, BlackNo styling service410.000
Goatee beard, BlackStyling by Makeup-FX660.000
Goatee beard, BlondNo styling service410.0017
Goatee beard, BlondStyling by Makeup-FX660.0017
Goatee beard, Brown GreyNo styling service410.0011
Goatee beard, Brown GreyStyling by Makeup-FX660.0011
Goatee beard, Dark brownNo styling service410.008
Goatee beard, Dark brownStyling by Makeup-FX660.008
Goatee beard, Light greyNo styling service410.007
Goatee beard, Light greyStyling by Makeup-FX660.007
Goatee beard, Medium brownNo styling service410.006
Goatee beard, Medium brownStyling by Makeup-FX660.006
Goatee beard, RedNo styling service410.005
Goatee beard, RedStyling by Makeup-FX660.005
Goatee beard, WhiteNo styling service410.0017
Goatee beard, WhiteStyling by Makeup-FX660.0017
Hair Punching needle kitN/A280.00281
Intro to hair punching DVDN/A150.00-
Magnetic hair holder for hair punchingN/A120.00-
Magnetic Hair holder Part 1/2. Free 3D downloadN/A0.009999992
Magnetic Hair holder Part 2/2. Free 3D downloadN/A0.009999992
Makeup brushes Beauty collectionN/A400.0042
Makeup brushes Character collectionN/A450.0022
Mini Compressor and airbrush pistolN/A720.004
Moustache, BlackNo styling service275.00108
Moustache, BlackSize 1275.0012
Moustache, BlackSize 2275.0023
Moustache, BlackSize 3275.0017
Moustache, BlackSize 4275.0047
Moustache, BlackSize 5275.009
Moustache, BlackStyling by Makeup-FX525.00108
Moustache, BlondNo styling service275.0096
Moustache, BlondSize 1275.0033
Moustache, BlondSize 2275.002
Moustache, BlondSize 3275.009
Moustache, BlondSize 4275.0040
Moustache, BlondSize 5275.0011
Moustache, BlondStyling by Makeup-FX525.0096
Moustache, Brown greyNo styling service275.00107
Moustache, Brown greySize 1275.0019
Moustache, Brown greySize 2275.0016
Moustache, Brown greySize 3275.0021
Moustache, Brown greySize 4275.0025
Moustache, Brown greySize 5275.0013
Moustache, Brown greyStyling by Makeup-FX525.00107
Moustache, Dark brownNo styling service275.0074
Moustache, Dark brownSize 1275.0012
Moustache, Dark brownSize 2275.000
Moustache, Dark brownSize 3275.0013
Moustache, Dark brownSize 4275.0034
Moustache, Dark brownSize 5275.0015
Moustache, Dark brownStyling by Makeup-FX525.0074
Moustache, Light GreyNo styling service275.00124
Moustache, Light GreySize 1275.0022
Moustache, Light GreySize 2275.0037
Moustache, Light GreySize 3275.0013
Moustache, Light GreySize 4275.0035
Moustache, Light GreySize 5275.0017
Moustache, Light GreyStyling by Makeup-FX525.00124
Moustache, Medium BrownNo styling service275.0066
Moustache, Medium BrownSize 1275.0015
Moustache, Medium BrownSize 2275.008
Moustache, Medium BrownSize 3275.000
Moustache, Medium BrownSize 4275.0035
Moustache, Medium BrownSize 5275.008
Moustache, Medium BrownStyling by Makeup-FX525.0066
Moustache, RedSize 1275.0018
Moustache, RedSize 2275.000
Moustache, RedSize 3275.000
Moustache, RedSize 4275.0012
Moustache, RedSize 5275.000
Moustache, RedStyling by Makeup-FX525.0032
Moustache, White buffalo hairSize 2275.0066
Moustache, White buffalo hairSize 3275.0066
Moustache, White buffalo hairSize 4275.0066
Moustache, White buffalo hairSize 5275.0066
Moustache, White buffalo hairStyling by Makeup-FX525.0066
Options Test ProductNo styling service10.0061
Options Test ProductSize 120.005
Options Test ProductSize 230.006
Options Test ProductSize 315.0042
Options Test ProductSize 418.008
Options Test ProductSize 512.000
Options Test ProductStyling by Makeup-FX260.0061
Pirate beard, mixed coloursN/A410.007
Prosthetic mould Blanks 01N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Boils 01N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Burn scars 01N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Burn scars 02N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Cut throat 01N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Keloid Scars 01N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Low brow 01N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Old age 01N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Swollen 01N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Wounds 01N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Wounds 02N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Wounds 03N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Wounds 04N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Wounds 05N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Wounds 06N/A450.00-
Prosthetic mould Wounds 07N/A450.00-
Punch needle Gauge 19 Very heavyN/A45.00200
Punch needle Gauge 36 MediumN/A45.00199
Punch needle Gauge 38 FineN/A45.00199
Punch needle Gauge 40 Ultra fineN/A45.00200
Punch needle Gauge 43 Super thinN/A45.00197
Punch needle Gauge 46 Ridiculously tinyN/A45.00197
Punch needle kit + DVDN/A360.00-
Punch needle kit, Custom order, 6 needlesN/A240.00300
Santa kit 01N/A1555.0025
Santa kit 02N/A2080.0025
Santa kit 03N/A2705.0025
Santa kit 04N/A2830.0025
Santa kit 05N/A3455.0024
Santa kit 06N/A8955.0024
Santa kit 07N/A10955.0025
Santa kit 08N/A2405.0025
Santa kit 09N/A2930.0025
Santa kit 10N/A3555.0025
Santa kit 11N/A3680.0025
Santa kit 12N/A4305.0025
Santa kit 13N/A9930.0025
Santa kit 14N/A11930.0025
Santa kit 15N/A3405.0025
Santa kit 16N/A3930.0025
Santa kit 17N/A4555.0025
Santa kit 18N/A4680.0025
Santa kit 19N/A5305.0025
Santa kit 20N/A10805.0025
Santa kit 21N/A12805.0025
Sideburns, BlondNo styling service320.0028
Sideburns, BlondSize 1, small straight sideburns320.0017
Sideburns, BlondSize 2, Large L shaped sideburns360.0011
Sideburns, BlondStyling by Makeup-FX570.0028
Sideburns, BlackNo styling service320.007
Sideburns, BlackSize 1, small straight sideburns320.005
Sideburns, BlackSize 2, Large L shaped sideburns320.002
Sideburns, BlackStyling by Makeup-FX570.007
Sideburns, Brown GreyNo styling service320.0048
Sideburns, Brown GreySize 1, small straight sideburns320.0022
Sideburns, Brown GreySize 2, Large L shaped sideburns320.0024
Sideburns, Brown GreyStyling by Makeup-FX570.0048
Sideburns, Dark BrownNo styling service320.0042
Sideburns, Dark BrownSize 1, small straight sideburns320.0018
Sideburns, Dark BrownSize 2, Large L shaped sideburns320.0024
Sideburns, Dark BrownStyling by Makeup-FX570.0042
Sideburns, Light GreyNo styling service320.0038
Sideburns, Light GreySize 1, small straight sideburns320.0019
Sideburns, Light GreySize 2, Large L shaped sideburns360.0016
Sideburns, Light GreyStyling by Makeup-FX570.0038
Sideburns, Medium brownNo styling service320.0038
Sideburns, Medium brownSize 1, small straight sideburns320.0013
Sideburns, Medium brownSize 2, Large L shaped sideburns360.0024
Sideburns, Medium brownStyling by Makeup-FX570.0038
Sideburns, RedNo styling service320.004
Sideburns, RedSize 1, small straight sideburns320.004
Sideburns, RedSize 2, Large L shaped sideburns360.000
Sideburns, RedStyling by Makeup-FX570.004
Sideburns, White buffalo hairNo styling service320.000
Sideburns, White buffalo hairSize 1, small straight sideburns320.0016
Sideburns, White buffalo hairSize 2, Large L shaped sideburns360.000
Sideburns, White buffalo hairStyling by Makeup-FX820.000
Silicone mould scraperN/A30.0030
Silicone Pregnant bellyDark skin tone7000.00-
Silicone Pregnant bellyLight skin tone7000.00-
Silicone Pregnant bellyMedium skin tone7000.00-
Silicone Pregnant bellyNo, I want the belly to stop under the actress brests.7000.00-
Silicone Pregnant bellyNo, thanks.7000.00-
Silicone Pregnant bellyYes, I would like to have breasts on the pregnant belly suit.8500.00-
Silicone Pregnant bellyYes, I would.7500.00-
Silicone Prosthetics, Baldies edgesN/A500.00-
Silicone Prosthetics, Silicone A+BN/A350.00-
Start kit for wig making.N/A340.0096
Steel dental toolN/A50.0030
Tape no.1 Strips 8.5 cm x 1.2 cm 36 pcsN/A60.0033
Tape no.2 Strips 8.5 cm x 2 cm 36 pcsN/A75.0050
Tape no.3 Curved Strips 8.5 cm x 2 cm 36 pcsN/A75.0034
Tape no.4 Tape roll 6 m x 6 mmN/A85.0028
Tape no.5 Taperoll 3 m x 2 cmN/A75.0042
Tape no.6 Tape roll 12 m x 2 cmN/A155.000
Tattoo transfers, Custom design and 1 A4 sheetI would like them with standard tape.1000.00-
Tattoo transfers, Extra A4 sheetsI would like them with standard tape.375.00-
Tattoo transfers, sample kitI would like them with standard tape.250.00-
Theatrical bald head, siliconeN/A1500.00-
Theatrical bald head, siliconeNo thanks! I will do the hair myself.1500.00-
Theatrical bald head, siliconeYes, I would like eyebrows and 20 cm hair2500.00-
Theatrical bald head, siliconeYes, I would like eyebrows and 40 cm hair3350.00-
Weft, buffalo hair 40 cm/16N/A500.000
Weft, dark color 40 cm/16N/A500.0015
Weft, light color 40 cm/16N/A500.0015
Wig cap, blackN/A15.00245
Wig cap, blondN/A15.00227
Wig cap, dark brownN/A15.00240
Wig cap, medium brownN/A15.00249
Wig making Brass needle holderN/A60.00200
Wig making German long needle #2N/A60.00188
Wig making German long needle #5N/A60.00188
Wig making Plastic needle holderN/A60.00198
Wig, Ash blond56 cm / 22"6900.002
Wig, Ash blond57 cm / 22.5"6900.003
Wig, Ash blond58 cm / 23"6900.000
Wig, Ash blond59 cm / 23.3"6900.002
Wig, Ash blond60 cm / 23.6"6900.003
Wig, Ash blond61 cm / 24"6900.004
Wig, Ash blond62 cm / 24.4"6900.001
Wig, Ash blondNo styling service6900.0015
Wig, Ash blondStyling by Makeup-FX7400.0015
Wig, Dark brown56 cm / 22"6100.001
Wig, Dark brown57 cm / 22.5"6100.001
Wig, Dark brown58 cm / 23"6100.000
Wig, Dark brown59 cm / 23.3"6100.000
Wig, Dark brown60 cm / 23.6"6100.000
Wig, Dark brown61 cm / 24"6100.002
Wig, Dark brown62 cm / 24.4"6100.002
Wig, Dark brownNo styling service6100.005
Wig, Dark brownStyling by Makeup-FX6600.005
Wig, Golden Blond56 cm / 22"6900.002
Wig, Golden Blond57 cm / 22.5"6900.001
Wig, Golden Blond58 cm / 23"6900.000
Wig, Golden Blond59 cm / 23.3"6900.002
Wig, Golden Blond60 cm / 23.6"6900.003
Wig, Golden Blond61 cm / 24"6900.004
Wig, Golden Blond62 cm / 24.4"6900.002
Wig, Golden BlondNo styling service6900.0013
Wig, Golden BlondStyling by Makeup-FX7400.0013
Wig, Grey, style 156 cm / 22"6900.002
Wig, Grey, style 157 cm / 22.5"6900.005
Wig, Grey, style 158 cm / 23"6900.003
Wig, Grey, style 159 cm / 23.3"6900.006
Wig, Grey, style 160 cm / 23.6"6900.004
Wig, Grey, style 161 cm / 24"6900.004
Wig, Grey, style 162 cm / 24.4"6900.000
Wig, Grey, style 1No styling service6900.0024
Wig, Grey, style 1Styling by Makeup-FX7400.0024
Wig, Grey, style 256 cm / 22"6900.004
Wig, Grey, style 257 cm / 22.5"6900.000
Wig, Grey, style 258 cm / 23"6900.002
Wig, Grey, style 259 cm / 23.3"6900.004
Wig, Grey, style 260 cm / 23.6"6900.004
Wig, Grey, style 261 cm / 24"6900.004
Wig, Grey, style 262 cm / 24.4"6900.002
Wig, Grey, style 2No styling service6900.0020
Wig, Grey, style 2Styling by Makeup-FX7400.0020
Wig, Medium brown56 cm / 22"6100.003
Wig, Medium brown57 cm / 22.5"6100.000
Wig, Medium brown58 cm / 23"6100.000
Wig, Medium brown59 cm / 23.3"6100.000
Wig, Medium brown60 cm / 23.6"6100.002
Wig, Medium brown61 cm / 24"6100.003
Wig, Medium brown62 cm / 24.4"6100.002
Wig, Medium brownNo styling service6100.0011
Wig, Medium brownStyling by Makeup-FX6600.0011
Wig, Red56 cm / 22"6600.000
Wig, Red57 cm / 22.5"6600.000
Wig, Red58 cm / 23"6600.000
Wig, Red59 cm / 23.3"6600.002
Wig, Red60 cm / 23.6"6600.002
Wig, Red61 cm / 24"6600.002
Wig, Red62 cm / 24.4"6600.001
Wig, RedNo styling service6600.009
Wig, RedStyling by Makeup-FX7100.009
Wig, White buffalo hair56 cm / 22"6000.003
Wig, White buffalo hair57 cm / 22.5"6000.004
Wig, White buffalo hair58 cm / 23"6000.002
Wig, White buffalo hair59 cm / 23.3"6000.004
Wig, White buffalo hair60 cm / 23.6"6000.004
Wig, White buffalo hair61 cm / 24"6000.004
Wig, White buffalo hair62 cm / 24.4"6000.001
Wig, White buffalo hairNo styling service6000.0022
Wig, White buffalo hairStyling by Makeup-FX6500.0022
Wig, with your own custom design0.3 cm curl diameter8000.00-
Wig, with your own custom design0.5 cm curl diameter8000.00-
Wig, with your own custom design0.7 cm curl diameter7750.00-
Wig, with your own custom design1 cm curl diameter7750.00-
Wig, with your own custom design1.5 cm curl diameter7750.00-
Wig, with your own custom design100% (standard)7000.00-
Wig, with your own custom design2 cm curl diameter7500.00-
Wig, with your own custom design2.5 cm curl diameter7500.00-
Wig, with your own custom design20 cm / 8" long hair7000.00-
Wig, with your own custom design3 cm curl diameter7500.00-
Wig, with your own custom design4.0 cm curl diameter7500.00-
Wig, with your own custom design40 cm / 16" long hair8000.00-
Wig, with your own custom design60 cm / 24" long hair (Not always possible!)9500.00-
Wig, with your own custom designBlond, grey or very light hair8000.00-
Wig, with your own custom designNo styling service7000.00-
Wig, with your own custom designStraight hair7000.00-
Wig, with your own custom designVery lightweight construction on thin lace7000.00-

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Makeup Effects, Lars Carlsson AB (Ltd) is a EU VAT registered company in Sweden.
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