Payment info

Please note!!
There seems to be a glitch in the system and Paypal sometimes doesn't tell our webshop that the payment has been completed!
So sometimes after the payment is complete it will say "Pending" and it will look like we still want to get paid in your order history until we have a chance to manually change it to processing or completed.
Check your Paypal account first and please do not pay twice!! But if you do we will return your double payment asap!!
We are working on getting this problem fixed!

Now for some good news instead!

We accept many ways of payment!

Paypal, Credit card online, Credit card in person, international banks transfers or Swish mobile payments within Sweden.
The only thing we don't do is cash! Swedish tax authorites has made it too complicated and expensive to keep doing this.
So went have gone cash free!

The most common one is that you pay using your Paypal account.
This way is the quickest and safest for both of us!

Some people do not want to create a Paypal account then you can use your credit card directly too.
These payments are still made through Paypal but you do not need to register anything with them.
The card info will not be stored with them and I will never see it.

But since Paypal would love you to create an account with them they are hiding this direct credit card option a little bit...
So look at the screen shot below.
Press the grey button that says "Pay with card" and you will be able to use your credit card as you would on many other sites.

If something went wrong the first time or for some reason you couldn't finish the payment. No worries!
Just log back on your account and go to "Order history"
There you will see a button that says "Complete payment". Press that and you are back on track!

Please note this is a picture and the buttons do not work!

Please note this is a picture and the buttons do not work!




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