Hair punching

Hair punching

If you want to make a mask, prosthetic or puppet with realistic looking hair that actuallly looks like it grows out of it then you need a punch needle. 
The traditional one was just a sawed off sewing needle but now we can offer you something much better than that.

Most of our needles have hooks going down all the sides of the needle making it possible to just push the hair straight into the silicone without any grabbing of individual hairs and some of our punch needles has a crown of hooks at the tip of the needle. 
These needles have become very popular and we have sold thousands of kits to customers worldwide the last couple of years.

We have six different sizes of needles to work for any project.

Size 19: Very heavy for hidden areas (Brown marking)
Size 36: Normal for human hair (White marking)
Size 38: Fine for thin human hair (Blue marking)
Size 40: Very fine for mohair or wool (Red marking)
Size 43: Ultra fine for the finest fiber (Yellow marking)
Size 46: An ridiculously tiny needle for the smallest of the smallest animal hairs (Purple marking)

(Size 46 is NOT included in standard kit since it a very special needle and very fragile)

Click here to watch the FREE video tutorial on how it works.

Click here to watch a film of the needles in extreme closeup.

We also make and sell a magnetic hair holder if you do not want to risk punch a hole in your fingers!


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