Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send me a catalogue?
There is no printed catalogue. To keep our prices as low as they are we have cut down all extra expenses such as the printed catalogue. 

I would like to buy a wig.  How do I do it?
Just read the different "Order" pages on the menu and then you contact me for further information.

You say it's real hair, but what kind of hair is it?
All the hair is Asian hair that has been bleached and dyed to the different colors.
Bleached Asian hair has excellent qualities when dry, but extra care has to be taken when washing the hair as it might tangle while wet. 
Read more about this on the wig care page.
If you want a wig made from European hair then this is possible on special order.
European hair is much softer but incredibly much more expensive.

I have no or little hair and want to wear a wig when I go out. Can I use your wigs for this?
These wigs are not designed to be worn on a daily basis.
These are special wigs for theatre and film.
Wigs made for daily use must be made with a stronger and thicker foundation.
You can use them for daily wear with fantastic results, but don't expect it to last very long.
Other websites that sell similar wigs might say that they will last for years, but that is just advertising.
A wig gets worn fairly quickly if used on a day to day basis. It doesn't matter who you buy it from.

What is the material of the foundation?
The wigs and other hairpieces are made completely on nylon lace.
Nylon lace (also known as Swiss lace or French lace) is very thin and should be handled with care.
Read more about this on the wig care page.
The nylon front lace on some of the standard wigs is theatre quality.
For film, you should make a special order, with a film lace or check if I got any in stock.

How is a wig made? 
The technique is called ventilating and you use a small needle, which looks like a little fishing hook to take one to three hairs at a time and tie it in the foundation.
It takes more than a week to make a full wig.
You can see a step-by-step demonstration on how to make a wig on this page
and you can also see more general information on this page.

I want to learn how to make my own wig. Can you recommend a school or book?
I don't know of any schools anywhere in the world that teach wig making and the only books I have found are all out of print. 
So sorry, no I can't help you.
I have plans to make my own instructional book and DVD but so far I have not had the time to write it. When it's done it will be advertised on this website.

How do I put the wig and hairpieces on?
I have some step-by-step instructions about this on the wig care pages.

Do you give discounts to people who need to wear a wig for medical reasons?
As I've said before, these wigs are not meant for daily use.  
So I do not have a program for giving discounts for medical reasons.
Also, I couldn't! In Sweden, you have to be registered to be selling "medical" wigs and I have not applied for this.

I saw that you want payment before delivery, why?
I have decided to do it this way as these products cost quite a lot, and as soon as I have started to make changes for a customer the wig becomes worthless to me. 
My ambition with this shop is to keep my prices as low as possible so that more people can afford to use wigs. This becomes impossible if I am making losses because people do not pay for the things they have ordered. 

I have an idea of how I would like to use a wig or hairpiece. 
Can you style a wig or hairpiece and send me pictures so I can see if it works?

In short, No! I am sorry, but I can not perform tests for people on my products.
If you want me to style a wig or hairpiece for you, then you need to buy it and then I can do it for you.

I have never used a wig before.  Is it difficult?
Taking proper care of a lace wig can be difficult if you have no instructions to follow. 
So I will try to provide instructions for you!
You will need a wig block of the correct size and some tools. 
The lifespan of a properly treated wig is very long, but if mistreated, 
it can be destroyed in minutes!!

Read more about how to care for your wig on the wig care page.
I will try to make as many step-by-step guides as possible for the most common things you will do.
Makeup-FX cannot be held responsible for damages made by the customer.

How long will it take before I get my wig?
It depends on what you want me to do with the wig. 
If you want a custom lace front on a standard wig the minimum time for delivery is four weeks, but it might also be more depending on how much work I have at the moment.
Contact me for more information on current delivery times.

Wigs without custom hairlines, beards, and moustaches can be delivered more or less immediately as long as I have the size and color you want in stock.
Special orders, that are manufactured in China may take up to 7-9 weeks of delivery time.

I have a shop and I would like to re-sell your wigs or other products. Can I get wholesale prices?
Yes, you can. Contact me for more information.

I don't live in Sweden, can I order wigs from you?
Yes, I send things worldwide!

How do you send things?
All wigs and hairpieces are always sent with insured, registered mail using the Swedish mail or DHL.
DHL costs a lot more but can be worth it as we are talking about expensive products that neither you or me want to lose.
You also get a guaranteed delivery date with DHL. Normal registered mail can take longer than they promise and no compensation will be given from them or me for shipments that has been delayed this way.
We also use UPS, Fed-Ex and other shipping companies but only on special request.

It seems difficult to decide which color I need. Can you send me a small sample of hair?
Yes, I can do that but unfortunately, I have to take a small charge to cover the postage expense and to make sure that people are serious about purchasing a wig.

What about the moral of using Chinese labour?
A few people have contacted me and feared that the wigs are being made with illegal child labour.
I can guarantee you that this is not the case.
The employees at the Chinese factory are all between 23 to 49 years of age.
They do have a full license to export products to Europe and are under constant control by Qingdao city council. 
It is a small family-owned company and I put my full trust in them.

Some pictures from the Chinese wig factory:



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