Adhesives and tapes

Adhesives and tapes

Double adhesive tape for hair pieces

Although silicone glue is our favourite solution for glueing hair pieces, we decided not to sell it.
Why you may ask?
Well,the glues we like the best all have a flammable solvent and it is a nightmare to ship internationally.
We are happy to help you find either Telesis, Sil-Key or Kryolan silicone adhesive in your country instead.

But of course, if we sell hair pieces we need to provide a way to attach them to your face, right?
So after searching and testing a ton of different tapes we finally found one that not only sticks really well to both lace and skin but also has a "fingerprint" pattern that makes it show less under the lace.
It is called Ultra Hold tape Tape and is made by Walker Tape in the US.

We now also sell and skin-friendly waterbased adhesive for those of you that do not want to use tape.


One question that we often get is how to best use the tape inside a beard or moustache.
So here is a photo of a beard with the tape pre-applied with the protective film still on but folded for a quick application.



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