Double adhesive tape

Double adhesive tape

Double adhesive tape for hair pieces

We made the sad decision not to sell any silicone glue for hair pieces after a long think..
It wasn't easy since it is our favorite way of gluing on beards and moustaches.....

The problem is that the glue that we like the best contains a flamable solvents and it very difficult to ship.
So we will be happy to help you find a local supplier of Telesis, Snappy G or Kryolan silicone adhesive in your country but we can't sell it to you until we get a better deal with DHL... 
But of course if we sell hair pieces we need to provide a way to attach them to your face, right??
So after searching and testing a ton of different tapes we finally found one that not only sticks well but also have a "finger print" pattern on it that makes it show less under the lace


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