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If you want to contact us with questions, comments, compliments or more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
At times we can be quite flooded with work or be working abroad and then sadly answer times will be a bit longer but we always answer!!

Makeup Effects Lars Carlsson AB 
Lars Carlsson
Nedre Linnarhultsvägen 18
424 55 Angered


Alternative e-mails to use if the top one give you problems.

Mobile: +46 70 734 01 22
Please, please check the time difference from your country before calling!
We FX artists sleep sometimes too. But maybe not as much as we should...

See below for the current time in Sweden right now (24 hour clock) 

Practical examples:
LA, USA=is 9 hours behind
Sweden. At your noon I am getting the kids to bed since it is 9 PM here. 
NY, USA=is 6 hours behind Sweden. At your noon I am most likely cooking the evening meal since it is 6 PM here. 
London, UK= is 1 hour behind Sweden. Nearly the same as here! Call away!
Sydney, AUS=is 9 hours ahead of Sweden. At your noon I am still sleeping since it is 3 AM here.

Please note that this is an internet based shop and we do not have a traditional shop that you can just walk into and look around .
Customers are always very welcome to visit BUT first after arranging an appointment with us.
If you just show up without contacting us first we might have to ask you to leave since your visit might collide with secret jobs under NDA contracts and we can't let anyone into the workshop!
Sorry about this!! But we need to follow rules in our contracts.

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